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Waterlogic WL350

Type available: Tower & Countertop

With elegant and sleek lines, this stylish looking water dispenser features Firewall®’s excellent purifying performance for the best ever tasting water. Along with great looks, it is easy to operate, has a dispensing area suitable for sports bottle filling and there is a choice of cold and hot water. This dispenser is especially designed for small or medium size workplaces, who need a reliable supply of fresh purified water.

Up to 99.999% COVID-secure
Enjoy cold & hot water
Perfect for up to 30 users

The WL 350 delivers on endless refreshing pure water for your workplace. It features multistage filtration and ultraviolet light sanitization to reduce bacterial growth and prevent potential biofilm buildup.

Advanced Technology The WL 350 has the following core technologies:

  • High Performance 3-stage carbon Filtration removes sediment, water contaminants and chlorine to improve water taste and odor.
  • In-tank UV ultraviolet light reduces bacterial growth to guarantee fresh clean water.
  • Patented Firewall UV technology protects your water all the way to the point of dispense faucet.
  • BioCote® Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Antimicrobial technology that is proven to be effective against a wide range of microbes such as odor causing and staining bacteria, mold and fungus. BioCote reduces microbes by up to 99.99%… Learn more about Biocote here
WL 350 Features
  • Unlimited cold and hot filtered water on demand
  • Water temperatures Cold: 40°F Hot: 188°F
  • Firewall UV technology to reduce bacterial growth
  • BPA Free and better for the environment
  • Recessed faucet to prevent contamination
  • BioCote antimicrobial protection to reduce the spread of germs
  • Easy connection to your existing water supply
  • Optional hands-free foot pedals for dispensing

Waterlogic Hybrid Firewall®

COVID-secure hydration at home for you and your loved ones

Enjoy the most purified, best-tasting water at home. A cost-effective and convenient alternative to bottled water or other home filtration solutions, the WL Hybrid Firewall® purifies 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses and is now proven to be effective against COVID-19. All at the touch of a button.

Fill, dispense, drink pure.

  • Eliminates up to 99.9998% of COVID-19
  • Fully certified for lead reduction

Fresh, pure and flexible

The unique design requires no installation. As narrow as a kettle and only needing a power supply means you can use it anywhere in the kitchen, office, lounge. You choose.

The world’s most highly certified water purifier

Concerns over hygiene and accessing essential hydration are in focus now more than ever. Our patented Firewall® technology works hard to purify your drinking water, whilst BioCote® antimicrobial protection keeps your dispenser fresher and cleaner for longer to maintain the best possible hygiene at home.

Firewall® technology found in all Waterlogic water purifiers has achieved the highest levels of accreditation from internationally respected agencies and bodies. No other drinking water purifier has the same guarantee of purity.